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Outreach to Pre-Hospital and In-Hospital Learners


ImprovePatient Care

As a local company with strong roots in our community, BONE offers specialized education to local and regional audiences. Through high-quality, cost-effective education, participants strengthen and enhance their skills to ensure the best patient outcomes.


Ensure ExceptionalPatient Results

Institutions and organizations that regularly provide primary and continuing education for students and staff increasingly use simulation-based educational modalities and technologies to mirror what participants encounter on the job and in the field. Active learning in this immersive environment is proven to be the most effective training for clinicians, from students to experienced professionals working in pre-hospital or in-hospital settings. Experiential learning opportunities that emphasize critical thinking, clinical skills development and repetition allow learners to meet their individual needs using state-of-the-art technologies and techniques in realistic clinical settings.

BONE encourages future healthcare leaders to pursue improved patient care through high quality, cost-effective, evidence-based education in its high-tech facility, empowering them to build a strong foundation of key principles and skills. Our technologies and other resources provide students the unique opportunity to achieve competencies needed to deliver expert and empathetic patient care throughout their careers.

We employ a combination of cadaveric specimens and high-fidelity scenario- and skills-based simulation supported by custom curriculum enabling learners, regardless of discipline or level of training, to develop a working knowledge of human anatomy and physiology and providing the opportunity to use knowledge gained through simulated practice.

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"Without BONE’s QuickTrach training, I would have continued to struggle and stopped trying to learn how to get it right."

Justin Alexander, Fire Chief