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An Environment Built for Medical Innovation

Our Story

Our center is a dynamic hub uniting medical professionals across specializations and organizations. The vibrant exchange of ideas, insights, and best practices flourishes here.

Explore specially designed labs featuring the latest modern equipment to facilitate a streamlined and cost-effective training solution for surgeons and visionaries navigating tight schedules. Elevate your skills and accelerate opportunities with a center tailored to the needs of physicians for surgical licensing and regulation requirements or tech pioneers for designing or discovering the next generation of essential devices.

At BONE, our expert team is dedicated to curating a seamless experience, sourcing and delivering specimens, tools, and event services customized to your unique needs. As your innovation partner of choice, we offer access to sophisticated tools, flexible testing and meeting spaces, unparalleled collaboration, global audio/visual capabilities, and invaluable support in minimizing risks and costs through simulation.

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Our Leadership Team

Alexander Kouspakian Headshot

Alexander Kouspakian

Chief Executive Officer

Victor M. Machado Headshot

Victor M. Machado, Jr.

Director of Bioskills

Peter Guresh Headshot

Peter Guresh

Chief Operating Officer

Samuel A. Cordeiro Headshot

Samuel A. Cordeiro, MBA

Chief Financial Officer

Henry Crowley, DO Headshot

Henry Crowley, DO, NREMT-P

Director of EMS Learning

Tyler Ewart Headshot

Tyler Ewart

Lead A/V and Multimedia Specialist

Korinne Sineiro Headshot

Korinne Sineiro

Lab Technician

First Last Headshot

First Last

Lab Manager