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BONE partners with industry leaders across industries, combining the benefits of our ultramodern education and research facility and the capabilities of our fully trained and responsive staff to serve your company’s unique needs.

Our exceptional, flexible 20,000 sq. ft. high-tech innovation center offers the latest technology and tools, easy access for local and regional customers, and simulated environments to enhance clinical skills and drive research activities. Your company will thrive in our sophisticated facility, custom-built for medical education and technology exploration – it’s a playground for innovation.

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Images depicting medical professionals using the BONE facilty

On-Site Services

Our Facility

Whether you are looking for a fully equipped training/research center or a location that allows you to explore your technological endeavors, BONE’s highly secure, 20,000 sq. ft. facility has everything you need for a successful event.

Surgical Education Room

All 24 of our stations are fully equipped, allowing limitless placement for specific procedures. We can even accommodate large, robotic-assisted solutions alongside other procedures in the same space, keeping groups together and making it easier for you to keep track of your event.

Configurable meeting room

There are no permanent structures in any of our didactic spaces. Without fixed obstacles like tables and chairs, all of the available space can be used in any configuration. You can arrange your event in any layout you choose, and even bring medical device equipment directly into the classroom with ease.

Presentation at BONE

Full audio-video capabilities are part of every didactic space at BONE, including the lab. This allows us to not only broadcast your event within the facility but also to conduct virtual meetings across the globe. Whether it's Zoom, Teams, Skype, or any other platform, we can connect you to any space, allowing remote participants to participate in every part of your event.

People talking to each other at a table

We work with numerous local hotels and car services to provide a completely comprehensive experience when booking an event at BONE. This includes onsite catering for large and small meetings, as well as luggage storage for guests who plan to travel directly from the event.

Specimen Refrigerating Unit

We’ll procure any and all specimen types for you upon request, and our large freezer and refrigeration spaces are optimal for long-term storage. If a specimen is not completely used during a procedure, it can be held onsite until another booking can be made, saving you the financial burden of disposal and procurement.

Group of students watching a procedure

BONE is not limited in scope when it comes to specimen procurement. We can procure specimens that meet the exact criteria for your procedure, no matter how specific. Through our partnerships, we are also able to offer specimens with specific abnormalities, deformities, and trauma.

Meeting room with desks and large screens

BONE contains numerous smaller didactic spaces available for events where one-on-one time with the client is preferred over a large space with multiple individuals. These spaces can be booked independently or in conjunction with a lab.

Auditorium space with chairs and desks

Like all of our other spaces, our auditorium is large and flexible. None of the furnishings are permanent, allowing for complete flexibility within the space. We can easily accommodate a variety of layouts at once, such as a classroom setting on one side while facilitating a full demo space and booths on the other.

Group of healthcare employees eating lunch

BONE offers its own onsite catering that can be included in the total cost of your bill. At the end of your event, the bottom line will contain all services used during your visit. We also offer a kitchen prep space with two refrigerators, two freezers, and large surface areas for meal prep, allowing you to bring in external catering if desired.

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