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Clinical Simulation Lab for Medical Innovation

Axial3D’s Partner in 3D Medical Modeling

In a groundbreaking collaboration, Bioskills of the North East (BONE) has forged a strategic partnership with Axial3D, a prominent global 3D medical solutions company. This alliance represents a significant advancement in medical education and innovation.

BONE serves as a facility where Axial3D conducts testing and training, collaborating to revolutionize the landscape of medical training and research. This partnership grants BONE access to Axial3D's cutting-edge 3D printing technology and expertise, while Axial3D benefits from BONE's state-of-the-art facilities, fostering a collaborative environment for pioneering medical advancements.

Together, BONE and Axial3D are committed to driving excellence in medical education and empowering healthcare professionals with the latest technological innovations.

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3D Medical Modeling with Axial3D and BONE

BONE: Axial3D’s Partner in 3D Medical Modeling

Bioskills of the North East (BONE) and Axial3D have entered into a partnership that brings forth a wealth of benefits for both entities.

Here's how BONE adds value to Axial3D:

  • Serving as a one-stop shop for conducting comprehensive medical device testing, simulations, and hosting training events, offering a seamless experience for Axial3D in accessing essential resources.
  • Providing all-encompassing facilities in-house, ensuring convenient access to cutting-edge equipment and expertise for the development and testing of medical solutions.
  • Functioning as a global medical and surgical training site, providing Axial3D with a prime location for showcasing and validating their medical 3D printing solutions within a real-world training environment.
  • Holding FDA approval, assuring the highest standards of safety and compliance in all testing and training programs.
  • Offering one of the largest facilities in the region, spanning 20,000 square feet, providing ample space for conducting rigorous testing and training activities.

This partnership equips Axial3D with the resources needed to validate and enhance their 3D medical solutions within a state-of-the-art medical training setting, fostering innovation and excellence.

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Images featuring 3D printed models in use

3D Printed Medical Implants in Fall River

What We Offer

Reach new heights of learning with BONE’s cutting-edge capabilities in an environment precisely designed for your team’s success. Our high-tech facility fosters collaboration among medical professionals across specialties and institutions and serves as a vibrant hub for exchanging ideas, insights, and best practices.

Strengthen your concentration or lead your team in:


BONE's facility supports accreditation training, helping medical organizations as they meet and maintain industry standards through their assessment, compliance, and certification processes.

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Bioskills Training

Experience hands-on bioskills training at BONE, where medical professionals learn advanced surgical techniques and innovative approaches, enhancing their expertise in a state-of-the-art facility.

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Medical Personnel Training

BONE provides specialized personnel training programs, equipping healthcare staff with the latest skills and knowledge to deliver exceptional patient care and operational efficiency within medical institutions.

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Medical Research

At BONE, cutting-edge facilities support groundbreaking medical research initiatives, fostering innovation and discovery to advance the frontiers of healthcare and improve patient outcomes.

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Medical Sales Team Training

Elevate your sales team's performance with tailored training at BONE, where they gain a deep understanding of medical technologies and refine their communication and negotiation skills for effective client engagement.

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Robotics Training

Explore the future of surgical innovation with robotics training at BONE, empowering medical professionals to master the use of advanced robotic systems for precise, minimally invasive procedures.

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Surgical Training

Reach new heights of learning with BONE’s cutting-edge capabilities in an environment precisely designed for your team’s success. Our high-tech facility fosters collaboration among medical professionals across specialties.

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Team of surgeons working on a procedure

Images showing medical technology

Accommodating the Latest Technologies in Medicine

Your Center for Medical Innovation

BONE was designed to help you drive the future of medical technology. We’re not just collaborators; we’re catalysts for the next wave of technical and scientific developments in healthcare.

At BONE’s world-class center, boundless potential meets customizable lab spaces and meeting rooms designed to elevate your projects. Our facility is an incubator for creativity and collaboration, offering your company everything you need to excel.

When you conduct research, development, and training at BONE, your possibilities become limitless.

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Innovate in the areas of:

  • 3D printing
  • AI application & product launch
  • Digital health innovations
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Medical device development
  • Robotics & automation
  • Virtual and Augmented Reality (VR/AR)

BONE: Your Partner in Innovation

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