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A Hands-On Robotic Surgery Training Facility

Robotics Training

Welcome to the cutting-edge robotic training facility at Bioskills of the North East (BONE) in Fall River, MA. As a one-stop destination for comprehensive training, BONE is dedicated to empowering EMTs, surgeons, and other medical professionals with advanced robotic surgical skills.

BONE is equipped with everything needed for a seamless training experience, all in-house. Serving as a global hub for medical and surgical training, BONE offers a diverse range of programs, from advanced cardiovascular courses to immersive cadaver laboratory training, coupled with strategic partnerships with some of the world’s most prominent robotic companies.

Our facility adheres to the highest standards of safety and quality, providing a secure environment for hands-on robotic training, ensuring ample space for practical learning, and facilitating truly career-changing training programs for healthcare professionals in the realm of robotic surgery.

Join us at BONE and embark on a transformative journey toward mastering robotic surgical techniques.

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Robotic Medical Simulation Training Center

Helping You Advance the Field of Medical Robotics

Explore the dynamic world of medical robotics at Bioskills of the North East (BONE). Our state-of-the-art facility empowers medical professionals and organizations to master the ever-evolving landscape of robotic surgical techniques.

When you choose BONE for your robotics training events, you unlock unparalleled learning experiences in this rapidly advancing field:

  • Comprehensive In-House Robotics Resources: BONE offers a dedicated facility equipped with advanced robotic surgical tools and resources, alleviating the burden of sourcing and setting up specialized equipment for training sessions.
  • Global Robotics Training Hub: With a focus on robotic surgical training, BONE serves as a premier destination where medical professionals can access specialized courses, hands-on workshops, and industry expert-led sessions focused specifically on overcoming hurdles in robotic surgery.
  • Strategic Partnerships with Leading Robotic Companies: Through our collaborations with top robotic companies, participants benefit from exposure to the latest advancements in robotic surgery, addressing the challenge of staying abreast of rapidly evolving technologies and techniques.
  • Expert Guidance and Support: Our experienced team provides tailored support to address the specific pain points encountered in mastering robotic surgical skills, ensuring that the training programs cater to the unique needs and challenges of participants.

Choosing BONE as the venue for your robotics training events means gaining access to an innovative environment designed to elevate your skills and knowledge in the specialized field of robotic surgery.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is BONE equipped to facilitate Intuitive robotic certification for systems like Da Vinci?

Yes! BONE provides the necessary tools and resources to streamline the certification process, ensuring optimal performance and safety for even the most advanced robotic systems. Whether it's for training, testing, or real-world applications, BONE empowers healthcare professionals to navigate the complexities of intuitive robotics with ease and efficiency.

What are the specific facilities available for robotic surgery training courses at BONE?

Bioskills of the North East (BONE) provides fully equipped robotic training facilities, including a dedicated space with 24 surgical stations, cutting-edge robotic technologies, and configurable meeting areas tailored for robotics training.

What outcomes can participants expect from surgical simulation training conducted at BONE?

Participants in robotics training programs conducted with BONE can anticipate enhanced proficiency in robotic-assisted surgical techniques, improved surgical skills, and the confidence to leverage advanced robotic technologies in clinical practice. This is achieved through hands-on training with expert instructors, simulation exercises, and exposure to real-life case scenarios.

Additionally, BONE offers access to a comprehensive library of educational resources and ongoing support for continued learning and development in the field of robotic surgery. With these facilities and resources at their disposal, participants can expect to gain a competitive edge in the growing field of robotic surgery.

How can I get started with BONE’s robotic surgery training facility?

We pride ourselves on creating a smooth process for our clients to start their robotic surgery training with us. Contact BONE and we’ll schedule a consultation to discuss your specific needs and goals. From there, we will tailor a training program that fits your timeline and budget. We look forward to facilitating your next discovery!

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